XH-M452 Digital Temperature Humidity Controller DC-12V(10A)



Specifications of M452 Temperature Controller:

Model : XH-M452
Power supply: DC 12 V
Output: 10A delay
Temperature measurement range: -40 to 120℃ (-40 to 248°F)
Humidity range: 0~100% RH
Control precision: 0.1℃, 0.1% RH
Test probe: Integrated sensor
Dimensions: 65 x 55 x 28 mm

Temperature and Humidity control:

1) Set the temperature (+): Normal display mode, long press the (+) key for 3 seconds, start temperature numerical flashing, press the + / – key setting values, incorrect operation after 5 seconds, automatically return to detect temperature display
2) Set the temperature (-): Normal display mode, long press (-) button for 3 seconds, stop numerical flashing temperature, press the + / – key set value
3) Restore the factory settings: At the same time long press temperature, and humidity (+) key for 3 seconds, digital display, 888, 888
4) Set the start temperature: Long press the (+) key, start the flashing temperature, set start temperature by + / – key
5) Set stop temperature: Long press (-) button, stop flashing temperature, set stop temperature by + / – key
6) Set to start humidity: Long press the (+) key, start the humidity value flashing, set by + / – key launch humidity value
7) Set stop humidity: long press (-) to stop humidity value, set by + / – key to stop the humidity value

Package Include :

1x XH M452 Digital Temperature Humidity Controller DC-12V(10A)

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