2ft Braid Solder Wick 0.75m 2.0 mm De soldering Copper Spool Wire



Take the length of the 0.75 m 2.0 mm De soldering Copper Spool Wire 2 ft Braid Solder Remover Wick and keep it on the joint from which you need to remove the solder. Now that the soldering iron is hot, the iron may also be added to the tip of the wick. The soldering iron fire would melt the solder. It will be drawn onto the copper wiring when the solder melts. Shop all soldering accessories and soldering equipment’s from circuit.pk in affordable prices today!


  • Used in removing excess solder during component removal
  • Used in cleaning copper pads after component removal


  • Width:2.0mm
  • Length:1m (+/-0.05m)
  • Net weight: 7g (including plastic holder weight)
  • Color: Golden

Package Include:

1xDe soldering Copper Spool Wire

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