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What types of gas compressors does PK Mart have?

We have every type of natural gas compressor. Manual gas compressors, automatic gas compressors, and advanced gas compressors that act as both manual and automatic. Every type of gas compressor for your kitchen is available at pk mart, which you will ask for. People can order from the whole of Pakistan.

Types of gas compressors

Although all gas compressors perform the same basic task of increasing pressure in the gas flow, certain of these systems are unique due to a few observable characteristics.

We at PK Mart have three categories of SUI gas compressors:

Manual sui gas pump

These types of SUI gas compressors have been largely used in the past. Till now they are preferred by most of the people. These are very easy to handle and need less energy.  They are much more cost friendly than other types. They naturally suck the gas when the gas pressure is low.

Automatic sui gas pump

Automatic Gas compressors have great features. They save you from heat, leakage, and explosion. Its gas suction power is admirable. Just plug the compressor and it is ready to work. It can be ideal to use at home.

Advanced sui gas pump

The use of mixed SUI gas compressors is day by day increasing. These compressors work as both manual and automated instruments. a very small amount of energy will be enough to work them effectively. You can even set your desired pressure. These can also be used as generators and UPS.

What is the method of delivery of PK Mart?

We deliver gas compressors nationwide. Whether you are searching from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, or any other city from all over Pakistan, we will provide cash on delivery {COD} facility. Delivery charges can vary, it will be according to your area and KG.

What are the prices of gas compressors in Pakistan?

The price of gas compressors depends on size, model, and brand. So it varies according to the use and purpose. If you are buying gas compressors for home kitchens then their range will start from 2000 RS. If you are buying online gas compressors for industries or large setups then it will be costly. Then the compressor ranges from Rs. 20,000 to   Rs. 60,000.

Is Sui gas compressor illegal in Pakistan?

According to SNGPL, it is forbidden to use a compressor to draw gas from pipes for domestic use. Due to the fact that it lowers the gas pressure for other consumers, a natural gas shortage may have a significant impact on others.

Detailed Guide:

What is a gas compressor? 

A technical tool is called a gas compressor because it lowers a gas’s volume while increasing its pressure. A gas’s temperature naturally rises when it is compressed. It basically saves you from gas load shedding.

How gas compressor works?

When the gas moves through the pipeline, a pressure drop occurs . when gas compressors are built into the pipes in order to regulate the gas flow and make up for energy losses. Due to the rise in pressure caused by the gas compressors, a greater volume of gas will flow through the pipeline and then energy losses will be reduced. Sui gas compressors use either gas or electricity as fuel.

Pros and cons of SUI GAS Compressor

The following pros and cons are related to buying your own natural gas compressor machine.  


  • Decreased overtime expenses The one-time cost of purchasing your compressor protects you from overtime expenses if your project has a long timeline or if you wish to use it at various locations.
  • Total control over your tools. You can use, change, and maintain your equipment in a number of circumstances if you purchase it. You have total control and flexibility over your system as a result.
  • The potential to use across numerous sites. Purchasing your sui gas pump can assist you with several installations and use cases if your business model calls for operating various natural gas compressors at various locations.


  • costly investment. The overhead cost may be excessive if your company’s equipment will only be used for this job and no other ones in the future.
  • Upgrade problems. When you purchase a natural gas compressor, it is difficult to replace it anytime a new model is released. You must either exchange it for something else at a cheaper price or act as the seller in an exchange.

Sizes of Natural Gas Compressors

A variety of sizes of natural gas compressors are available to accommodate both industrial and domestic tasks. The choice of gas compressor size depends upon use. Smaller, single-stage compressors can be used to collect vapors and fugitive gases as well as compressed natural gas at lower pressures and volumes. They can be used at home. In addition to numerous other industrial applications, medium-sized compressors are frequently found at wellheads and gathering systems. The biggest natural gas compressors have multiple stages and are typically found in compressor stations along pipelines that carry a lot of natural gas.


Natural gas has many industrial and house purposes, they provide an energy source. These SUI gas pumps or machines are mainly used in home kitchens to cope with the shortage of natural gas. After coping with gas shortage they can be used in gas heaters to warm your environment. They are easy to use and maintain. They are also employed in smaller factories.

How can I choose a gas compressor?

Basic factors that matter including suction temperature, discharge pressure, mode of operation, gas composition, and required capacity should be determined before choosing a natural gas compressor. Relative humidity of performance index, cost, and dependability should all be taken into consideration during selection.

What is the difference between an air compressor and a gas compressor?

In general, electric air compressors are smaller, lighter, and simpler to install. All you’ll require is a consistent source of electricity. Gas air compressors, on the other hand, are noticeably larger and heavier. They are therefore more difficult to transport than electric air compressors.

Which kind of compressor is used in gas turbines?

Gas turbines use rotary-type air compressors, primarily axial flow turbines. Air from the atmosphere is drawn in and compressed to the necessary pressure.

Should You Buy Or Rent A Natural Gas Compressor?

One of the most important decisions you must make when actually considering a project on the ground is whether to buy or rent your natural gas compressor. 

Both of these options have advantages. However, their primary benefits are customized to your use case. Knowing this information can help you choose your course of action with greater knowledge. It also depends on your condition. While buying a compressor may be a preferable alternative for well-established companies or for Air Compressor with a long usable life, renting may be a viable option for business owners with limited resources or who want an Air Compressor that must be changed every few years.